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Joplin Eagle Athletics Will Soar Above the Storm
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                                                             Joplin Schools


Joplin Schools’ Athletic Office                                                                                                     310 W. 8TH St.   Joplin, MO  64801

Jeff Starkweather, A.D.                                                                                                                                                                   Phone  (417)625-5242
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Fax  (417) 625-5356



The most destructive tornado in US history and the 7th deadliest on record, struck the heart of Joplin, MO on May
22, 2011
.  Sitting directly in the path of the EF5 tornado was Joplin High School, one of the largest high schools in the state
of Missouri. Thirty-foot tall, concrete and brick reinforced walls from the high school gymnasium exploded across
neighborhoods leaving a $50 million dollar complex in complete ruin.


May 22 changed everything for the Joplin Eagle student-athletes, coaches and parents and yet it changed nothing. 
There will still be a football, baseball, softball and basketball season but there is no longer a weight room, gymnasium,
softball and baseball field in which to call home.  Practice has now become a logistical nightmare.  Being an athlete at Joplin
High School
is now a commitment that few people can grasp.


As we all know, the Tuscaloosa EF5 tornado was extremely devastating to that community.  To put the Joplin EF5
storm in perspective the numbers become staggering.  Tuscaloosa had roughly $750 million in property damage.  Joplin
Schools will close in on $200 million just in school facilities and temporary sites alone.  The city of Joplin will most likely
exceed $3 BILLION in total loss by the time recovery is complete.  The numbers are mind numbing with 6,954 homes
completely destroyed, nearly 18,000 vehicles a total loss and 4,500 jobs affected by the tornado.   A reduced tax base will
strain athletic budgets for years to come.


Our community, our nation wants to help, they just aren’t sure how.  Joplin Schools have set aside Saturday,
September 10
to honor the commitment of the student-athletes and parents for all sports at Joplin High School in an effort
to raise both monetary funds along with equipment and uniform donations to fill the needs of these programs that are down
but not out.  This event will surround the home opener of the Joplin Eagle Football team and all revenue generated will be
used specifically for Joplin High School Athletics. 


The event will be marketed as, “WE R JOPLIN EAGLES”.  On the following page are just a few of the things
scheduled for that night thus far.  The parents, athletes and coaches of Joplin Schools would like to thank you for considering
partnering with us as we support and honor our athletes.  

Joplin High School Athletics,


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